Can CBD Oil Be Used For Treating Seizures?

Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs across the globe. It comes in a variety of forms that have been used both for medicinal purposes, i.e. for treating medical symptoms as well as for recreational purposes, such as getting a ‘high’. With the Canadian govt. sanctioning the consumption and the freedom to buy CBD oil in Canada for both recreational and medicinal usage, researchers have been more freely able to study the pot

Is it safe to use CBD oil every day?

CBD oil is composed of cannabidiol, a natural extract made from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Compared to the THC compound found in marijuana, CBD does not catch you a high. CBD acts on the neurotransmitters in your body known as endocannabinoids to decrease inflammation, improve sleep, bring a sense of tranquility, enhance energy, support those dealing with anxiety, and much more. It is completely safe to use CBD Oil every

Can You OD on CBD?

The best answer to this question would be a firm NO. CBD has been proven to be a safe drug. It also lacks Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a component that has adverse effects if consumed in excess. This happens during the different extraction processes on the oil. CBD is also very unlikely to get you high as is the case with cannabis that contains THC. The oil has been legalized in many countries and states all over the world, a testament to the conf

Why Smoking Weed Gets You High

Marijuana has some well-proven benefits, including providing relief for long-term after pain symptoms. But smoking marijuana can have some bad effects on your health, including making breathing problems worse. Marijuana comes from the dried flowers of cannabis plants. It has more than 500 chemicals. Cannabis can have a psychoactive or mind-altering effect on you. THC: This is the main psychoactive agent in marijuana. Its full name is delta 9

How Do We Make CBD Oil

Extraction of CBD oil can be done in three different ways: CO2 Method– Pushing C02 through the plant simultaneously at high pressures and low temperatures, CBD oil can be extracted in its purest form. This process is often thought of as the best and safest as it cleanly extracts CBD, removing substance like chlorophyll and leaving no residue. CBD oil extracted in this way has a cleaner taste, but it is a more expensive method than other alter