Can CBD Oil Be Used For Treating Seizures?

Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs across the globe. It comes in a variety of forms that have been used both for medicinal purposes, i.e. for treating medical symptoms as well as for recreational purposes, such as getting a ‘high’.

With the Canadian govt. sanctioning the consumption and the freedom to buy CBD oil in Canada for both recreational and medicinal usage, researchers have been more freely able to study the potential effects of CBD consumption on the human body.

About CBD Oil

One of the most popular products associated with CBD has been CBD Oil- an oil extracted from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. Also, it is very safe compared to the THC compound found in marijuana, as it does not cause an unrelenting high.

Using Cannabis Oil for treating Epilepsy

While CBD Oil has got numerous health benefits, however, currently the strongest evidence gathered so far has been regarding the treatment of Epilepsy.
Animal studies conducted in the 1970s, showed the earliest evidence that compounds inside cannabis can be used as anticonvulsants (known as anti-seizure drugs).

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Early experiments have shown that seizure activity limit can in essence be facilitated by the endocannabinoid system (endocannabinoid receptors), with THC having reduced seizure limit by nearly 100%.
It was not till the late 1990s and the early-2000s that detailed case studies looking at the effect of THC/CBD on epilepsy were undertaken. Owing to the psychoactive nature of THC, the attention moved to CBD.
For instance, ‘Project CBD’ achieved much media and public attention with countless positive stories of specific cases of epilepsy treatment being cured with CBD oil, as well as its use in treating Dravet syndrome and Lennon-Gastaut syndrome.

More lately, uniform control studies using CBD in the cure of epilepsy were started. For example, one preparation of CBD oil, presently in phase III clinical trials has been confirmed to be effective in the cure of epilepsy (with up to 55% decline in seizures), and has acquired FDA regulatory sanction in the US on June 2018. Also, the same has been approved by regulatory authorities in Canada also.

Clinical trials suggest that less quantity of CBD appears to be more helpful when it comes to treating epilepsy.
Patients consuming a 10-milligram dose of medicinal grade CBD felt almost as great a decline in seizures as with patients on 20 mg, having no side effects, as examined by lead researcher and director of NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center- Dr. Orrin Devinsky.


It is now clear that cannabis has several proven valuable effects on health, in particular in the management and treatment of seizure-like activity and epilepsy.

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