How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Although, there is no uniform dosage for CBD Oil, the ideal dose for a consumer is governed by several factors, like CBD tolerance, body type and the consumer’s level of pain or uneasiness. The amount of CBD concentration in CBD Oil is another vital consideration since products with varying concentrations will relate differently to the body than others.

There are some significant dosage considerations in regards to the usage of CBD Oil. Determining the best CBD Oil dosage rests on factors like sex, weight, age, and especially, usage of other medications. You can check a great CBD Oil for sale in Canada named Natural CBD Oil Pro which can be used without any side effects.

Apart from these factors, every person has a different experience in regards to using CBD Oil.

  • In regards to concentration or the measure of the strength of CBD in a CBD Oil, it can be measured in milligrams. For example, a bottle of CBD oil has 1500mg and contains 30 ml of solution, having 1 ml as the usual serving size. This indicates that 1 ml serving will consist of roughly 50 mg of CBD, the consumer, hence is not consuming 1500 mg through each prescription.
  • Your body weight also plays a role in how CBD affects your body. Normally, a weighty person will require slightly higher doses to experience the soothing effects of CBD. Conversely, a light-weighted person might feel the same effects while using the same amount of CBD.
  • Also, the ideal dose can be judged from the level of discomfort or pain experienced by a person. Someone having severe anxiety or chronic pain issue might need a higher dose to lessen their symptoms, while a person with a milder alleviate their symptoms, while a person with a milder condition might fancy a lower dose with noticeably fewer effects.
  • Prolonged usage of CBD can also lead you to develop a tolerance for it, which can consequently result in fewer effects from the same dosage. Thereafter, higher doses might be required to attain the desired results.
  • Women might require a higher dose of CBD as evidence from a recent study published in 2016, where 21 males and 21 females were studied who smoked either cannabis or a placebo with no cannabis. Using a cold pressor test, where individuals from both the sexes dipped their hands into a cold water tank, scientist realized that cannabis significantly reduced the pain for men, but for women, there was no actual difference between the cannabis and the placebo.
  • As regards age, elderly people can consume more CBD Oil as it will benefit them more in regards to using it against cancer pain or any other chronic pain treatment they are enduring. Adults can consume standard amounts of CBD.
  • For children, we do not recommend CBD usage. But some parents are using CBD oil to treat epilepsy, seizures, autism and common to chronic pain issues with significantly positive effects. For kids, the dosage should not more than 5mg at starting, and after that depending upon doctor’s recommendation you can either increase or decrease it.


Using the standards above, you can judge how to start taking the first dosage. Based on body weight and effect levels, you can judge the starting dose you need. Natural CBD Oil Pro is a great option available for people looking to buy CBD Oil online.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

Body Weight to Effects needed:

– A person with a weight less than 130 lbs.

  • For mild effects: 11mg or less
  • For moderate effects: 12mg to 14mg
  • For strong effects: 15mg to 17mg

A person with a weight ranging from 130 to 230 lbs.

  • For mild effects: 18mg or less
  • For moderate effects: 19mg to 23mg
  • For strong effects: 24mg to 27mg

A person having a weight of more than 230 lbs.

  • For mild effects: 23mg or less
  • For moderate effects: 24mg to 30 mg
  • For strong effects: 31mg to 45mg


Stronger doses are suitable for those who are experiencing severe pain or other similar symptoms, as well as those having a higher CBD tolerance. CBD is not a toxic substance and a gradual increase of CBD dosage does not cause you any known side effects, so increasing your dosage won’t affect you in any way, and in some cases can be beneficial also. Also, for many consumers of CBD Oil gradually increasing the dosage is a great way of achieving the desired effects of CBD.

Dosage of CBD Oil

CBD Oils typically come in 15ml or 30 ml bottles. Such oils differ significantly in terms of concentration. Ranging anywhere from 100mg to 5000mg. The serving size is the key to understanding the tincture dosage, which is typically 1ml per serving. A 5000 mg CBD Oil in a 30 ml bottle features roughly 30 1ml servings of approximately 166.7mg of CBD. A 100 mg CBD Oil in the same bottle comprises of roughly 30 servings of approximately 3.3 mg of CBD. These two servings will produce very different results.

For the same reason, we advise first-time users of CBD Oil to start with small concentrations of CBD Oil and then gradually increase their dosage. A dosage of 5 mg is good enough for CBD Oil starters. In case, you are using CBD oil to get relief from pain issues, then take CBD 2-3 times a day at somewhere between 10-20 mg every day, when the pain is extremely high. Smaller doses of CBD Oil are required when treating symptoms like depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders.

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