Some Most Common Misconceptions Regarding CBD

Many people use CBD – a chemical component-cannabidiol present in the cannabis plant for various purposes like for curing skin diseases, or helping with pain, anxiety depression or brain-related disorders like seizures and Alzheimer’s. Though CBD is completely safe to consume, with relatively few side effects, some misconceptions have inadvertently risen from the long-term use of CBD, which is needed to be addressed. Here in this blog, we attempt to remove some of the misconceptions surrounding the usage of CBD:

Some Most Common Misconceptions Regarding CBD

CBD is Medical, While THC is Recreational:

Many people think that smoking THC makes you high while consuming CBD is for getting major medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant. It is true but CBD can also be used as a relaxant and to improve mood levels.

CBD Can Get You a High Like THC:

It true that CBD comes from the same plant as THC, but CBD won’t get you the high normally associated with THC. In fact, CBD works as an anti-psychotic medicine by offsetting the high feelings associated with THC.

CBD Will Make Me Feel Sleepy:

CBD helps you hit the pillows quickly but it doesn’t make you feel sleepy every time. CBD will make you feel energetic during the day and help promote good sleep during night time. It can also increase alertness and concentration at work. In case, you are looking to buy CBD Oil which promotes good sleep then, do look for a CBD Oil which is strong enough to give you sound sleep.

CBD Might Show up on a Drug Test:

Drug tests check for THC, which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. While, CBD is a non-psychoactive, non-intoxicating compound and contains trace amounts of THC in it.

CBD Transforms Into THC in Your Stomach:

This is a baseless lie about CBD converting into THC in your stomach as CBD is well tolerated and consumed by both humans and animals alike.

A lot of clinical trials have been conducted that have clearly demonstrated that ingested CBD even more than 600 mg dose, will not cause THC like effects.

Hemp-Derived CBD isn’t as Profitable as Much is CBD Derived from Marijuana:

Many people have this misconception that CBD derived from marijuana is far better than CBD derived from the hemp plant. But, the truth is that CBD derived from the hemp plant is just as strong as CBD derived from marijuana, in case the hemp plant used in the making of CBD is a female one.

Consuming High Doses of CBD is Better than Consuming Low Doses:

This is a fairly common misconception that consuming high doses of CBD is better than consuming low doses. But the truth is, that both CBD, as well as THC, have biphasic properties. It means that low and high doses of CBD can promote opposite effects, depending on your needs.

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